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Newspaper Columns


March 20- Did My Stereo Survive?
May 23- Yeah, it's a Boat, but Will it Float?
July 22- Beware the Car Disease
July 25- Sailors are Philosophers at Heart
August 19- Take a Look Around, and See What You Can See
September 23- Eiffel Tower Holds Plenty of History

March 13-  Beirut: Paris of the Mideast
November 20- John Wayne Liked Runny Eggs
December 23- The holidays are a Time to Write

March 11- Author Got Education at Sea
May 7- Names Really do Make a Difference
July 10- Naval Words, Terms Common in Speech
October 2- Timeless Leadership Principles
November 13- Storms Change Lives
December 18- Christmas at Sea

March 4- Hornsby: A 350-ship Navy
April 30- Traditions are Important
July 2- Sailing into the Mystic
August 20- Twilight at Sea
September 24- Lessons Learned from Shipwrecks
November 5- Looking for Veterans Day
December 17- Names of Ships are Fascinating

February 4- Flags are Important Symbols
March 11- Education by Tour During Time in the Navy
June 9 - Food and Memories
July 21- Cathedrals: Take a Look and See What you Take Away
September 1- Ships and Schools Have More in Common Than You Think
October 27- Is the U.S. Drifting Toward Socialism?

February 20- Coming Home
March 7- Columnist Recalls Once Catching a 99-ton 'bear' at 400 mph
March 20-
Convertible Crazy: Confessions of a Bonafide Out-of-Control Car Fanatic
April 4- Tattoos: Love Them or Hate Them 
May 2- How I Became an Officer and a Gentleman
May 15- The Last Word
May 30- All Roads Lead to Rodney
June 13- Phoebe, The Maritime Cat
June 28- When I Flew Like a Bird
July 11- Subic Bay; The Real Last Frontier
July 25- Theodore Bilbo: aka "The Man"
August 8- My Introduction to Realpolitik
August 22- Running the Mother Road
September 5- Peculiar Nature of Southern Crime
September 19- Forty Acres and a Mule
October 2- The High Cost of the Race to the Top
October 16- A Wearable Autobiography
November 14- The Blink of an Eye
November 26- Thanksgiving Memories Afloat
December 12- Redneck Latin
January 16- Stand Down!
January 29- What Privacy?
February 12- The Prison Problem
February 26- Who Speaks for the Animals?
March 11- Has the Military Lost Touch with Society?
March 25- Of Pandemics, Epidemics, and Plagues
April 8- Easter: A Moveable Feast
April 22- Only the Lonely
May 6- Some People Simply Refuse to Believe the Truth
May 20- Sophistication is No Hindrance...
June 3- Memories of Riding the Rails and Hearing that Familiar Sound
June 17 - No One Dies Any More
July 1- My Unlikely Love Affair With the Sea...
July 15- 'Hong Kong Delight'
July 29- Don't Mess with the Postal Service
August 12- Do Memories Deceive Us
August 28- Running Highway 11
September 9- Dial "M" for Moving on 
September 23- Above and Beyond 
October 7- Last Kind Word

October 21- 'Homeward Bound' is a Fantastic Saying to Anyone Who Wonders
November 4- Bruce Down Under
November 18- Sea Stories
December 2- Flags of Our Fathers
December 16- Christmas at Sea
December 31- Funny Money

January 13- Saddlebag Preacher
February 10- Blackboard Jungle
February 25- Doomsday Countdown
March 15- Into the Mystic
March 25- The Last Ship Leaving
April 7- Opinion: Stormy Weather
April 22- A Rose by Any Other Name
May 11- Last Train Smoking
May 21- Veni, Vedi...

June 7- Son of the Right Hand 
June 17- Department of Redundancy Department
July 2- Slim is in Texas
July 19- Roman Candals and Baguettes
July 29- Islands in the Stream
August 13- Widespread Panic
August 27- Signs and Wonders
September 10- Living on Crazy
September 26- Aloha Means Goodbye
October 8- The Fighting Okra 
October 25- Things Fall Apart
November 3- And Fall Fell
November 18- Drome of Death
December 2- Tramp Steamers
December 16- Christmas at Sea
December 30- A Second Chance

January 13- Men with No Name
January 27- Castaway
February 10- Hit the Highway 49

February 24- Sea Speak
March 10- The First Time I Saw Paris
March 24- Forever 2
April 7- The Most Famous Seven Words
April 21- Cruising To Nowher
May 6- The Most Dangerous Job
May 20- Pictures
June 2- Monks and Maps
June 17- My Harvard and Yale
June 30- Old Glory
July 14- Cozumel Diary
July 28- Gone Bananas
August 11- The Handsome Sailor
August 25- The Long Way Home
r 8- Sad Songs
September 22- Welcome Hotel

October 6- Cold Grey Light of Gone 
October 20- Where America's Day Begins
November 3- Boild P-Nuts
November 17- Lottery Fever 
December 1- Filipino Babies
December 15- Christmas Birds  
December 29- The First Watch
January 12- Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
January 26- Norwegian Breakaway 

February 9- Things I'd Do Over
February 23- Washed Ashore
March 9- A Final Sea Story
May 27- Memorial Day Memories
June 8- Leaving Lumberton
June 22- Art Lover

July 6- Main Mos' Dog Boy
July 20- Mes Meilleurs Repas
August 3- Across the Borderline

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