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Take a Look Around, and See What You Can See

“To see what I have seen, see what I see” — Shakespeare: “Hamlet”


I was 19 and a salty dog. I had sailed around the world, been ashore in 25 countries, been through the Panama and Suez canals, slept on the Spanish Steps, was a Shellback and had climbed Mount Fuji.


I was well-traveled and full of beans. Then I went home on leave and my high school English teacher put me in my place. I was bragging to her about all the places I’d been, and she asked me, “Well, Benny, do you know what you’ve seen?” I had to admit that I didn’t.


All I had was a few vague impressions and bits and pieces of information. It was an epiphany moment for me. I resolved right there to really “see” the things I saw in the future.

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